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Professional Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Burglar Alarm
Phoenix installs alarm systems which are manufactured by Honeywell. Honeywell is the largest manufacturer of alarm equipment in the world, these systems are reliable and easy to use. Systems can be hardwired or wireless depending upon the needs of the customer. Each system is custom designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. Do not be fooled by “one-size-fits-all” systems. Please see our FAQ for more information on alarm systems.
Central Station Monitoring
Phoenix Security provides the highest quality central station services at reasonable rates. Our central stations are local and carry UL listings, and utilize state-of-the-art software including mobile applications to help manage your systems effectively.
Fire Alarm
Phoenix Security installs and services commercial and industrial fire alarm systems in Massachusetts.
Electronic Access
Phoenix Security services most major card access systems and proudly installs Sielox products (formerly Checkpoint Systems). Sielox card access systems can be scaled from a two door system, to large integrated systems integrating cameras, time and attendance systems, alarm monitoring and photo badging. Electronic access systems allow companies to track and control the times and days employees enter their facility. Access can be immediately terminated, without the need for recovering keys or concerns that keys were duplicated. Access cards, proximity based key fobs, fingerprints or other biometric readers may be used to grant access.
Camera systems are custom designed using state of the art equipment to provide theft protection. Digital recorders, cameras with infrared illuminators, public view monitors are all tools that can be designed into a system to fight theft.
Carbon Monoxide Systems

Nicole’s Law requires Massachusetts residences to obtain carbon monoxide detectors. Call us for a free evaluation of your carbon monoxide detection needs to comply with the new law and to keep your family safe from this silent killer.

24/7 Central Station Dispatchers

Our central station monitoring teams are comprised of the proper number of dispatchers 24/7, guaranteed. UL-certified inspectors perform surprise audits of our central surveillance monitoring stations.

Latest Central Station Monitoring Technology

Our central surveillance monitoring stations use the latest software and the most modern telecommunication services available today, guaranteed.

Central Station Monitoring - Fast, Reliable, Precise Protection

The core of your security alarm system is our central station monitoring team. Your security alarm protection system can be monitored 24/7 by the trained professionals of our central station monitoring team. Should an emergency occur, our team notifies authorities for an instant response.

Security Communication Services

For the ultimate security, take advantage of our AlarmNet security communication service. Designed specifically for the security industry, the AlarmNet transmission path is enhanced and offers extensive coverage for security alarm protection system Whether you choose to communicate via radio, control channel cellular networks or the Internet, AlarmNet security communication service can help ensure that your security alarm signal gets through to the right authority, in time. Our sensor line, wireless devices and emergency buttons can help protect your employees from crime. Whatever security system you select has the capacity to grow as your business grows.

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When your Security
Alarm Sounds…

A signal is sent immediately to our central surveillance monitoring station when your security alarm is tripped. The central station monitoring team will even know what area of your premises has been violated.

1. Central Station monitoring team verifies the alarm

Our Central Station Monitoring Team calls your residence to verify if your security alarm was accidentally tripped. We have your password on file so that you can identify yourself in the event of a false alarm.

2. Central Station dispatches the concerned authorities

If there is no answer at your premises or the person who answers the phone does not know the password, our central station monitoring team will then dispatch the concerned authorities. (Police, Fire Service, or Medical).

3. Central Station will call the emergency responders

After the authorities have been dispatched, our Central Station Monitoring Team then contacts people listed on your “emergency call list” and informs them of the alarm.